Mayor Young’s Problems Continue in Wake of Atwood Jury Verdict–now recall petition

August 1, 2018

Kennewick, WA

May Steve Young now faces a recall petition based in part on his testimony during the Atwood v. MSA and Steve Young trial.

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Judge Rejects MSA’s Motion for a New Trial and Awards Attorney Fees and Costs To Julie Atwood

January 10, 2018
Kennewick, WA

Today Julie Atwood won another victory against MSA and Steve Young, when Superior Court Judge Doug Federspiel denied MSA’s motion for a new trial, and awarded attorney fees and costs to Ms. Atwood.

Mission Support Alliance is three-company venture owned by Leidos, Jacobs and Centerra Group.  MSA had sought to overturn the $8.1 million jury verdict against MSA entered on October 10, 2017 for gender discrimination, wrongful discharge, and retaliation, which included a verdict against MSA Vice President (and Kennewick mayor) Steve Young for aiding and abetting the discrimination and retaliation.

In a detailed 56-page opinion, Judge Federspiel reviewed and rejected each argument raised by MSA against the verdict.  He found that the verdict was supported by substantial evidence presented at trial and that it was not a result of passion or prejudice.  He also awarded extra attorney fees and costs finding that “the [extra] attorneys’ fee incurred by her legal team [are being] awarded by this Court due to the risk of loss to the Sheridan firm had the jury returned a defense verdict, the complex nature of the factual issues, the skill of Atwood’s counsel, and the Court’s desire to encourage other attorneys to take cases such as this one. The relevant factors stated are supported by the record.”

Jack said, “Justice was done.”  “We are thankful that our trial judge took the time to closely examine the law and the facts, and to bring this case to an end.”  He noted that, “rather than treating Julie as required by law, MSA discriminated and retaliated against her, and rather than admitting to what they did, MSA paid Seattle attorneys to defend and deny their actions.  “It took years to bring this case to trial.  Justice may not always be swift, but justice happens all the same.  Julie Atwood is truly vindicated, and MSA and Steve Young have truly been held accountable for their misconduct.”

Click here to see Court’s 56-page opinion

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