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Linda Robb Vindicated—Jury Awards Former Human Services Administrator $1.5 Million In Damages For Retaliation And Wrongful Discharge In Whistleblower Case Against Benton And Franklin Counties

MSA And Steve Young Get Extension On Filing Their Brief in Their Appeal of The Julie Atwood $8.1 Million Whistleblower Verdict And The $1.5 Million Attorney Fee Award—MSA Posted $10.5 Million Bond On Order of Court To Cover Interest And Attorney Fees On Appeal

JetBlue Crew Orders Removal Of Elderly Black Tukwila Man From Plane After Texas Flight Attendant Pushes Him—Tukwila Man Sues for Civil Rights Violations

Whistleblower Aleta Busselman Wins Another Round in Federal Lawsuit Against Battelle/PNNL for Whistleblower Retaliation

Black Lives Matter: SLF Takes Two Cases to The Supreme Court: 1. Seven Former Seattle Public Utilities Employees Ask For New Trial Owing To A Lack of Diversity in the King County Jury Pool 2. Former Seattle Department of Transportation Employee alleges Jury Misconduct and Errors of Constitutional Magnitude at Trial and Appellate Courts

Jury Awards Former WSDOT Director Stacy Trussler $1.2 million in Disability Retaliation Case

PNNL Director Files Whistleblower Retaliation Complaint in Federal Court After DOE/IG Fails to Complete Investigation

Mayor Young’s Problems Continue in Wake of Atwood Jury Verdict–now recall petition

MSA Seeks New Trial, But Provides No New Evidence In Atwood Case

Defendant MSA is Really Three Giant Companies: Leidos, Jacobs, and Centerra Group

Julie Atwood Vindicated—Jury Awards $8.1 Million In Damages For MSA’s Retaliation And Discrimination–MSA VP Steve Young found to have Aided and Abetted

Judge Sanctions Hanford Government Contractor MSA For Hiding Documents In The Atwood v. MSA And Young Discrimination/Whistleblower Lawsuit, which Is Set For Trial On September 11, 2017.

DOE Announces Investigation of Busselman Whistleblower Complaint Against Government Contractor Battelle/PNNL

Trial Postponed; Hanford Executive Julie Atwood Files Updated Sanctions Motion Against MSA

Johnson v. City of Seattle–Plaintiffs File Appellate Brief Alleging Errors by Judge Parisien

Judge Awards Seattle City Light Whistleblower Aaron Swanson Over $100K in attorney Fees and Costs

Ferry Whistleblower Settles Lawsuit Against the State For $700,000.

Former Benton And Franklin County Human Services Administrator Files Discrimination And Whistleblower Lawsuit In Walla Walla County

Engstrom And Stockwell Get New Trial Date In Microsoft Hostess Bar Whistleblower Claim

Former Hanford Senior Manager Sues Hanford Contractor And Kennewick Mayor For Retaliation And Wrongful Discharge

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