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2024 Whatcom County Jury Awards Former Western Washington Auditor Antonia Allen $2.99 Million For Whistleblower Retaliation

2024 Justice For Electrical Inspector John Boespflug: Thurston County Jury Finds Washington State Department Of Labor And Industries (“L&I”) Liable For Whistleblower Retaliation And Awards Mr. Boespflug $262,000 In Compensatory Damages.

2023 Black Professor Gillian Marshall Wins Appeal; She Did Not Get Tenure from the Mostly White Social Work Faculty and Management at UW Tacoma, But Now She Gets Her Day In Court

2022 Justice for Yakima Whistleblower Dawne Hyde: Yakima County Jury Finds DSHS Liable for Whistleblower Retaliation and Awards Ms. Hyde $1.9 million in Compensatory Damages.


2022 TROOPER JAYSON C. Earns $714,000 Judgment Against the State of Washington as Damages for Whistleblower Retaliation.

2021 FLYING WHILE BLACK—Despite Strong Evidence That An Elderly Black Tukwila Man Was Removed From A Jetblue Flight Owing To Race Discrimination, The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Rubber Stamped A District Court Dismissal Of His Civil Rights Lawsuit. The SLF Has Filed An Appeal To The U.S. Supreme Court Seeking To Reverse The Decision Of The 9th Circuit, Because It Mistakenly Applied An Anti-Terrorist Provision Of An Aviation Statute To The Civil Rights Case. That Provision Gives The Pilot Total Unfettered Discretion To Remove Any Passenger For Any Reason, Which When Applied To Acts Of Racial Discrimination, Means That When A Person Of Color Boards A Commercial Airplane In America, They Leave Their Civil Rights At The Airplane’s Door.

2021 BLACK LIVES MATTER SLF Attorney Andra Kranzler Authors Amicus Brief Opposing Racial Bias In Civil Cases Brought In Washington Courts

2021 DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER: Western Washington University Whistleblower Antonia Allen Files Retaliation Lawsuit Against Washington State

2020 JUSTICE FOR WHISTLEBLOWER RYAN SANTHUFF: King County Jury Finds Washington State Patrol Liable For Whistleblower Retaliation And Awards Detective Ryan Santhuff $1.2 million In Compensatory Damages

2020 BLACK LIVES MATTER Open Letter to Wealthy Americans: Black Lives Should Matter To You

2020 BLACK LIVES MATTER Washington State Supreme Court Publishes Open Letter Saying Black Lives Matter; Sheridan Law Firm Responds: If You Want To Ensure Justice For Black Americans, Then Fix The Broken Jury Selection Process In Washington Which leads To All-White Juries Because Persons Of Color Are Not In The Jury Pool

2020 Supreme Court Sends Citizen Case Against Employment Security To Trial Court For “Determination On The Merits”

2020 JUSTICE IS DELAYED FOR ANOTHER YEAR FOR MSA WHISTLEBLOWER JULIE ATWOOD–she is heading to the Supreme Court asking it to reject a Two-Judge Decision Overturning the 2017 Jury Verdict Against MSA for whistleblower retaliation and Remanding the Case for another Trial

2019 SLF WELCOMES NEW ATTORNEYS Andra Kranzler and Justin Abbasi

2019 JUSTICE FOR WHISTLEBLOWER LINDA ROBB: Walla Walla County Jury Awards Former Benton/Franklin County Human Services Administrator Linda Robb $1.5 Million In Compensatory Damages Caused By Whistleblower Retaliation And Discrimination

2018 JUSTICE FOR WSDOT WHISTLEBLOWER Stacy Trussler: King County Jury Awards WSDOT Director $1.2 million in Compensatory Damages for Disability Retaliation

2017 JULIE ATWOOD VINDICATED—Benton County Jury Awards $8.1 Million In Compensatory Damages For MSA’s Retaliation And Discrimination–MSA VP Steve Young found to have Aided and Abetted

2017 BLACK LIVES MATTER More on Johnson v. City of Seattle–Plaintiffs File Appellate Brief Alleging Errors by Judge Parisien

2016 JUSTICE FOR SEATTLE CITY LIGHT WHISTLEBLOWER Aaron Swanson After Court of Appeals Upholds 2013 Whistleblower Verdict And Finds City of Seattle Whistleblower Ordinance is Defective

2016 JUSTICE FOR FERRY WORKER WHISTLEBLOWER Don Gillespie who Settles Lawsuit Against the State For $700,000.

2015 JUSTICE FOR PERCEIVED WHISTLEBLOWER Steve Chaussee: Thurston County Jury Awards Ferry Carpenter Foreperson $1 Million In Compensatory Damages For Retaliation Under State Whistleblower Law

2015 JUSTICE FOR HANFORD WHISTLEBLOWER Dr. Walter Tamosaitis Who Was Fired From His Position After Standing Up For Integrity Against Bechtel And URS Management; The Case Settled For $4.1 Million In Compensatory Damages

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