2024 Justice For Electrical Inspector John Boespflug: Thurston County Jury Finds Washington State Department Of Labor And Industries (“L&I”) Liable For Whistleblower Retaliation And Awards Mr. Boespflug $262,000 In Compensatory Damages.

April 10, 2024

Olympia, WA

After a protracted appeal to the Division 2 Washington Court of Appeals following the trial court’s dismissal of his case before trial, John Boespflug finally got his day in Court.  

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Today a Thurston County jury found that L&I managers retaliated against Mr. Boespflug (“Booz-floog”) after he reported that his manager was favoring his manager’s  friends by shielding them from having to pay penalties.

The Court of Appeals listed four instances in which Mr. Boespflug is a whistleblower under RCW 42.40. Here is the first one.

On April 20, 2016, Boespflug filed an “ethics complaint” with Nancy Kellogg regarding Ault’s handling of the citations [Boespflug] issued to Pacific Air and Kraft Electric. Kellogg is an assistant attorney general in the labor and industries division of the state attorney general’s office who is designated to receive whistleblower reports. Because Boespflug filed a complaint of “improper governmental action” to an attorney general “designee,” he is a whistleblower as to his first complaint.

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