Brundridge et. al v. Fluor Federal Services, et. al



Supreme Court

Argued by Sheridan

Jury verdict affirmed


Brundridge v. Fluor Fed. Services, Inc., 164 Wn.2d 432, 191 P.3d 879 (2008).  Eleven wrongfully discharged pipe fitters won jury verdicts against Fluor Federal Services for wrongful discharge by Fluor for either blowing the whistle on unsafe practices at the Hanford Nuclear Site or for supporting those who did.  Fluor appealed to the Division III Court of Appeals, and in November 2007, before oral argument was held at the Court of Appeals, the case was certified directly to the Supreme Court, which affirmed the jury’s verdict, and made important holdings on a plaintiff’s right to enter evidence of other crimes and wrongs committed by the employer against other employees.

Watch Jack in action arguing this case to the Washington State Supreme Court.  His side of the argument begins about halfway into the video at 18:20.  CLICK BELOW TO SEE SUPREME COURT ORAL ARGUMENT: