Martini v. Boeing (disability discrimination)




Jury verdict of $776,000. Total recovery with attorney fees after Boeing lost appeal of more than $1.4 million. 137 Wash. 2d 357, 971 P.2d 45 (1999); 88 Wash. App. 442, 945 P.2d 248 (Div. I, 1997); King County Case No. 93-2-17162-5. Disability discrimination case brought under state law. Jack took this case after almost every Seattle attorney who practices in this area turned down Luke Martini for representation because he quit his job, which under federal law, could cut off damages.  Jury Verdict of approximately $776,000.00 after multi-week trial. Total recovery +$1.4 million. Jack made new law on appeal (see appellate page).  Now in Washington victims of discrimination do not have to stay in a discriminatory environment.  Instead, they can quit, sue, and still recover full damages.