Pham and Lara v. Seattle City Light (race discrimination)




Jury verdict of over $550,000. Total recovery after extensive appeal almost $1 million. King County Case No. 97-2-11669-4 SEA. Race discrimination case brought under state law. Multi-week trial resulting in jury verdict of more than $550,000.00 prejudgment interest of more than $37,000, court-awarded attorney fees and costs of over $339,000.

The trial judge awarded an additional $168,000 to compensate the plaintiffs for the additional tax burden of the lump sum verdict and awarded additional attorney fees pursuant to Blaney v. International Assn. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, 114 Wn. App. 80; 55 P.3d 1208 (2002).

After appeal, the trial just granted additional monies to the plaintiffs and awarded a multiplier of attorney fees because Jack took such a high-risk case.