2019 SLF WELCOMES NEW ATTORNEYS Andra Kranzler and Justin Abbasi

September 23, 2019
Seattle, WA

Today, the Sheridan Law Firm doubled in size.  Jack has owned this law firm since 1992.  Mark Rose has been an associate attorney here since 2014.  On Monday, associate attorneys Andra Kranzler and Justin Abbasi joined the firm.  Andra has spent her adult life advocating on behalf of workers and the poor most recently at the Fair Work Center.  Justin has been a law librarian, a research assistant, and judicial assistant at the Washington State Supreme Court.  Both are passionate about seeking justice for whistleblowers and victims of discrimination, and they will add their voices and their talents to help our clients prevail against companies that skirt the law and retaliate against those who stand up for justice and fairness. Welcome!

What a great team.

Ours is David and Goliath litigation against giant companies with unlimited resources.  With this team, there is no company too big or too powerful to escape accountability.

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